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A full range of BALL and FLAT LOLLIPOP production equipment: Ball pop forming from 400 to 1750 pieces per minute, and Flat pops to 600 pieces per minute- formed and wrapped! Complete lines can be supplied starting with a complete batch cooking system capable of producing up to 1500 kilos (3000 lbs) of hard candy per hour, mixing/kneading, batch feeding, center filling chewing gum extruder, and rope sizing. For Ball pop production we offer an innovative and high capacity rotary forming unit, ambient and refrigerated cooling systems, automatic feeding conveyors to feed up to six (6) wrapping machines, and finally an ultra high speed, efficient, and state-of-the-art single twist Bunch wrapping machines. Double twist wrapping is also available. For Flat lollipop production, we offer our high speed forming and wrapping system with easy die set change to produce a large variety of lollipop shapes and designs.


























TAVARES - Flat Lollipop Machine








CARUGIL - Ball Lollipop Former













CARUGIL - Lollipop Bunch style wrappers, output from 400-1000 pieces per minute















TAVARES - Ball Lollipop Double Twist Wrapper output from 250 to 800 pieces per minute