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We represent the following companies:

CARUGIL S.L. - Equipment for the production of Chewing Gum products, Ball Lollipops, high speed Flow Wrappers, Chewy products, and Robotic handling system
TAVARES - Hard candy equipment for the production of Starlight Mints, Lollipops, and Wrapping Machines for chocolates, and hard candy tables
SETTERMEX SA - Paper lollipop sticks in many standard sizes.
SCHIB - a leading-edge company in the production of horizontal flow-packing machines as well as automatic feeders and automated wrapping systems.
Chang Yang - Stainless steel coating pans of all sizes and shapes
Mimosa Confectionery Machinery - Belt coating machines for chocolate and other fat based coatings. Many sizes available, output from 50 - 400 kilo per hour. Also producers of various sizes of chocolate meting tanks and pumping systems.